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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

We value your privacy
Gulf Social considers the confidentiality and protection of the information of its valued customers one of its top priorities. Therefore, we pledge to adhere to the highest standards of protection to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of your information and records and to use them only in the areas designated for them

Security of personal information in social networking

The Gulf Social website takes appropriate and appropriate procedures and measures to maintain your personal information and the information of your customers in our possession in a secure manner that guarantees its protection from loss, unauthorized access, misuse, or unauthorized modification and disclosure.
And one of the most important measures in place in the management of the site to protect your information and the information of your customers
Instagram undertakes to maintain any information related to its customers in accordance with the strictest standards of safety and confidentiality
Customer information is used to the minimum we need to provide high-level services that satisfy your aspirations
Customer information will be used by authorized persons only, and highly trained in managing customer requests, noting that any employee who violates this commitment will be subject to the legal accountability applicable to the services of social networking sites.
We are committed not to send any emails to you except through our domain, which is ( to ensure that you are not exposed to any fake emails
Gulf Social is keen to inform customers about the services we provide, or to obtain a summary of the latest news of the site and other services, without asking you to give us any information about you.
Social Gulf guarantees that personal information, your customers' information, or any basic or identifying information about you as our client is used only to provide high-quality services, and we will maintain this information in accordance with our own standards for the security and confidentiality of information
We will always evaluate ourselves according to the approved evaluation criteria in order to ensure full compliance with our standards for the confidentiality and integrity of your information. We will practice our activities in a way that guarantees the fulfillment of our promise to you in all the services in which we work

Security awareness

Gulf Social considers the confidentiality of the information of its valued customers one of its top priorities. Therefore, we pledge to commit ourselves to everything that would preserve the confidentiality of your information, and that your trust in us remains the basic pillar that we work to enhance and maintain.

The measures taken by Social Gulf to ensure the security and protection of your operations on the Internet

Secure sessions: When you enter our site or the sellers control panel, you have entered a secure session. You can confirm that you are in a secure session by looking at the Uniform Resource Address (URL) of the page. In secure sessions, the URL of the page begins with https://, and an icon representing a padlock appears in the lower-right corner of the browser.
Encryption: Using (SSL) technology to encrypt your private information before sending it from your computer to the Internet so that no one can view it. In most cases, the browser (depending on the browser settings) will notify you that you are about to enter a safe site. Session interruption: If you close the browser without exiting the site, or if you leave the computer for a certain period of time, you will be removed from the site for your protection. To return to the site, you have to go back to the home page and log in again

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